standard-title Benefits Simply put, we pass our benefits right on down to you.


Simply put, we pass our benefits right on down to you.

A Magic Number and Everything That Goes With It.

One of the biggest and most important differences you’ll find between us, a concierge medical practice, and other traditional family practices, is the limited number of patients we have at Irmo Primary Care.

Most family physicians in the Midlands routinely care for 3,000 patients or more at their practices. With Irmo PC, you’ll be part of an intimate family practice consisting of around only 600 patients. 

Irmo PC membership grants you access to the following:

Comfortable environment

We’ve gone out of our way to make sure our office is unlike any you’ve seen before. Your comfort comes first on our list of priorities.

Employers SAVE

Call us to find out how employers can save up to 45% on their insurance costs while improving employee health and satisfaction.

Extended visits

Because we’ve chosen to see fewer patients, we have more time to spend with you. Never feel rushed out the door again.

Same day scheduling with no wait

We’ll work with you so you can be seen at your convenience.

Unlimited access to your physician

Day or night, week day or weekend, your doctor is available for you.

Wholesale prices

You’ll have access to prescriptions, lab tests and medical supplies for only pennies on the dollar.

IrmoPC has merged with Palmetto Proactive Healthcare. Visit us at or call 803.393.3325