Safe Living After Weight Loss Surgery Includes Medical Alert Jewelry

Safe Living After Weight Loss Surgery Includes Medical Alert Jewelry 1

When people choose to have weight-loss surgery, medical alert jewelry isn’t usually the very first thing that involves mind. But for individuals who have experienced gastric bypass surgery, gastric sleeve surgery, or other weight loss surgeries, putting on a medical ID can be truly life-saving. “A lot of medical professionals don’t realize some of the differences in our anatomy due to the Gastric Bypass,” says Jenny. Jenny shared that this insufficient knowledge triggered serious complications on her behalf when an uninformed nutritionist recommended her to increase her complicated carbs when what she truly needed was protein.

What is Dumping Syndrome? According to the Mayo Clinic, around two-thirds of individuals who have got weight loss surgery experience Dumping Syndrome, which is typically worse after meals high in sugar. Jenny explains that lots of people who experience Dumping Syndrome rush to the Emergency Room, where having a medical ID bracelet is incredibly helpful.

Additionally, with the symptoms of fainting and confusion, it’s extremely important for individuals to have medical alert jewelry that let us first responders and ER doctors know they’ve acquired weight-reduction surgery to allow them to consider Dumping Syndrome as a chance. Additionally, Jenny says, “Someone or something needs to speak for me in case there is any crisis.

  • Limit PROCESSED FOOD ITEMS And Artificial Food Additives
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  • I drank a great deal of fluid, but only herbal water and tea. I got as much sleep as I could
  • Avoid smoking, caffeine and alcohol
  • Artichoke Hearts In Water – 2 grams per 1 heart

Further, people who have had weight loss surgery should avoid NSAIDS, a kind of anti-inflammatory medication, as well as sugar. Having this given information available to first responders, whether you’re being treated for fainting consequently of Dumping Syndrome or on the scene of an accident, is truly imperative. What MUST I Engrave on My Gastric Bypass Medical Alert Bracelet?

First and most important, on any medical alert jewelry, it’s important to add your name and at least one “ICE” (In Case of Emergency) contract amount. List your surgery and any known allergy symptoms. Below are a few examples of what things to engrave on weight-reduction surgery medical ID jewelry. Having weight loss surgery is a major decision that impacts almost every aspect of your life. At Lauren’s Hope, we realize how interesting and complicated post-surgery life can be! 10 (plus s/h) thereafter, and that means you can enjoy properly fitting jewelry and wear it in good health!

And of course, absolutely Our engravable medical ID necklaces and bracelets can be personalized with your own personal information, so they’re ALL weight-reduction surgery medical notifications! As Director of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development for Lauren’s Hope Tara Cohen is the tone of voice of Lauren’s Hope often. Whether she’s writing the Lauren’s Hope blog, crafting marketing email, or describing a new product, Cohen brings just a little personal touch to everything she creates.