Who Is TeacupofMakeup?

Who Is TeacupofMakeup? 1

I’m TeacupofMakeup, a.k.a. teawithmakeupmagic88 a.k.a. Ok. That was a complete lot titles. It took me a while to find my identity, plus I had fashioned a few scary encounters with odd people. It’s all good. That is Only a hobby. I am first an artist, I like to dabble in a variety of mediums, oil paints, pastels, I’ve even tried my hand at sewing and sculpting using resin by casting my very own molds.

Photography though, hits the sweet place for me personally. I was given my first camera after I was 4. It was carried by me Everywhere. It really irritated my brother. My parents were fairly indulgent. Film and film processing then had not been cheap, not like the existing digital age. I would hoard rolls of film. Slowly, as time passes, as my skills grew, the kind of camera I used became more sophisticated. My first DSLR was a Nikon. From then on as digital cameras became less expensive, I could “upgrade” using money from part-time careers. However, I really do miss the looks of film photography With no digital preview. The smell is skipped by me of digesting film in a dark room.

Honestly, I can’t remember how to do it now. Now, on to the subject matter of this blog. We were remaining near Time Square which got a Sephora that was opened up till Midnight. I walked in. I was clearly overwhelmed. An extremely friendly Sephora assistant came up and said: “Hi! My name is X (sorry, the bright colors and scents distracted me) how can I help you tonight?”. I handed over the list and she packed a basket quickly.

Then she turned to me and said: “How about you?”. Oh, no. That was the end. Or the start of a very beautiful beginning. I love makeup now. I am an unabashed makeup hoarder. I have to sell off a lot of my collection as I am obviously looking for more funds to pay bills.

I am so crazy, I keep my very special limited release collectables in ziplock bags with those little packets of moisture absorbers and they are kept within an airtight plastic material case. YUP. That’s called makeup collecting. So, in late May 2013, being so inspired by such famous and darling youtubers like itsjudytime and fleurdeforce, I decided to start a YouTube Channel.

  1. AgeLOC Galvanic Face & Body Demo DVD
  2. Raw Coconut Oil
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  4. In skin-care products, development factors would repeatedly be used, and possibly over long intervals
  5. Dry, tough pores and skin
  6. Laptop for work and editing and enhancing ?

Uhmm, I must say, I am hugely embarrassed by 99.99% of the videos. The only thing I love about them is most likely a few of the intros. 49 no brand name camcorder from Kmart. I modify most of my videos on iMovie. I learned the tricks as I proceeded to go. As I went, I got signed by a company connected to Simon Cowell – that which was I considering?

The revenue talk about was pitiful. The agency did nothing for me and was ultimately purchased by Rightster. Overall, I made 107 videos. AND I am determined to make more. It is an unhappy extremely, costly and frustrating hobby, this making of YouTube videos. I’ve fulfilled some very genuine people though, and I’ve fulfilled some of the kindest and sweetest individuals who have become friends.