Return TYPICALLY Investment

Return TYPICALLY Investment 1

Pack & Carry is debating whether to invest in new equipment to manufacture a type of high-quality baggage. 1,728,125, with around five-year life with no salvage value. All revenue from the new luggage line and all expenses (except depreciation) will be received or paid in cash in the same period as acknowledged for accounting purposes. Return on average investment. Total present value of the expected future annual cash inflows, discounted at an annual rate of ten percent. Net present value of the proposed investment reduced at ten percent.

Early in 1994, Arab bank or investment company installed an interactive voice response system, called Phone Banking. At the same time, the computer was introduced by it centered remote banking service to create a corporate banking. Four other banks, Allied Business Bank, BLOM, Universal Bank, and the British Bank or investment company of the Middle East introduced and implemented their telephone structured remote banking. However these ongoing services are providing only inquiry facilities because they’re off-line systems.

Technology Assessment. The diffusion and successful implementation of IT in Lebanese banks are not an easy process. Lebanese banks are facing tremendous challenges in understanding the new tools provided because of it. An important constraint to the diffusion and success of IT execution is the telecommunications infrastructure, another obstacle is managerial practices and organizational weaknesses.

In the next section, I am going to analyze and discuss these obstructions. In evaluating banks’use of technology, we take a look at both the technology in spot to serve today’s customer and the plans for serving tomorrow’s. The first objective is to analyze the bank’s deployment of technology relative to what is available, tested, and which can enhance the bank or investment company performance.

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The second is to look at the bank’s preparation for the future. To what degree is the bank using proven technology to enhance performance? Are any technology not deployed that could have a substantial there, positive effect on performance? What degree of specialized training has been received by the employees and officers designated to selecting, deploying, and controlling technology?

What level of systems training has been provided to other officers and employees? How effective will be the operational systems that are being used? Is Management monitoring the evolution of banking technologies and planning for the near future? Telecommunication infrastructure. The greatest obstacle to real-time electronic bank in Lebanon is the telecommunications infrastructure.

Telecommunications in the bank sector is a major factor to the success or failure of any program or service. The Lebanese telecommunications infrastructure was devastated by the civil battle. Finding a permit from the Ministry of Post and telecommunications. The high cost of the gear 0 The lack of coordination between your known associates of the Lebanese Banking institutions Association.