Annie Weighs…: 5/1/10

Annie Weighs...: 5/1/10 1

Today starts a new week for counting points and I’m seeking to do better than last week in hopes to lose 3.8 pounds to attain my 5% loss goal! When it is reached by me I have a pretty toenail Polish for my toes waiting as a reward. To carry out that, I’m using the old version of WW where points are given solely based upon my weight, rather than the quiz they use now. According to the quiz, I get 34 daily points plus the 35 weekly points.

The old version I get 31 daily but still get the 35 weekly that I’ll do my best to avoid eating this week, too. The week to get me back again on the right track and focused Hopefully this will be! My lunch was so yummy Today, I thought I’d share it!

First I toasted the sandwich thin. Then I spread the pesto on each part, a little goes a long way so one desk spoon is the perfect amount. Next I split the mozzarella cheese and Turkey and I quickly popped the whole thing in to the microwave before mozzarella cheese was melted. I had formed a side of 1 cup of sliced-up strawberries for a 7.5-point lunch. So good and so filling up!

How many local troops are going to begin enforcing these limitations for regular scout outings, not High Adventure ones just? The Scouts just don’t appear to see they are shooting themselves in the foot here. They currently have a problem with kids shedding before they finish the program out; if fat kids aren’t permitted to do the most fun activities, that will only increase drop-outs from the planned program. In addition, these limits will lead to fewer adults being available to chaperone Scout outings.

They have trouble already getting enough adult chaperones to meet requirements. This will only increase that problem. Furthermore, the publicity surrounding these weight limits may backfire. Instead of helping Scouts lose weight, it may discourage many families with fat kids to never join Scouts in the first place. Why would they join something where they couldn’t take part in everything, and where this kind of fat-phobic rhetoric gets modeled by leaders?

  • Protein=20 calories from protein (5gx4=20 calories)
  • Wound infections
  • 4th Day of fitness: 4 burpees
  • 198 x 0.50 = 99
  • Wear it with clip for belt, pocket, swimsuit or with music group on the wrist
  • Kneeling over head cable rope tricep extensions: 1×30
  • Body by Science is a full-body workout

How can they trust that their child will be treated respectfully rather than go through yet more weight-loss pressure and fat-hate propaganda? Scouts are against bullying, but the type of fat-date vocabulary and stereotyping being utilized by Scout leaders in a few of the articles about the weight restricts certainly has greater than a whiff of weight bullying and prejudice in them. Just, what a poor example they may be setting up for the kids.

I can’t emphasize how disappointed I am in the Scout management about that. If we weren’t already part of Scouts and my husband an Eagle Scout himself, frankly I’d be thinking twice about having them in Scouts whatsoever. Actually, I almost decided not to publish this blog post because I’m worried that just authoring this matter may discourage some of my fat visitors to avoid Scouts completely.

And that might be a tragedy, because whatever you think of a few of their insurance policies, Scouts is an excellent company that offers OUTSTANDING programs. I cannot say enough good things about this part of Scouts. No, I don’t trust all their plans, but we have chosen to provide our sons the benefits of Scouts and work from the within to modify things about Scouts with which we don’t recognize.

Scouting just has way too many positive things about it to reject. Scouting helps children develop responsibility, self-reliance, first-aid skills, fitness, wilderness knowledge, community service, and other important life skills. Most importantly, it helps develop character and excellent leadership skills. It’s been a TREMENDOUSLY positive influence on both of my sons, especially in their leadership abilities. I cannot say enough about the benefits they have observed. I don’t result from a Scouting family or a camping history; my boys are only in Scouts because my husband was a Scout and wished to complete that on. Having seen what it’s done for my sons, I’m a large believer in Scouts now, despite having disagreements with some Scout insurance policies.