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It’s almost comical seeing the bumper to bumper traffic with all men drivers talking on mobile phones and dressed in their traditional garb behind the wheel of the latest models of SUVs or other expensive vehicles, honking constantly. We parked and strolled into Bab Makkah (means Gate to Mecca), a massive outdoor open-air market meandering down one closed-to-traffic street for blocks at a time.

Bab Makkah has many shops and street vendors selling a variety of food items, uncooked or cooked, like dried-out goods, olives, schedules, fresh produce, and meat like lamb and rooster. There are a great many other items for sale as well, like clothing, shoes, watches, and other jewelry, luggage, toys, sports equipment, and about anything you can name just. The place was interesting incredibly but very hot with that black abaya on also!

It was almost surreal. Sometimes, I sensed carried in the past with time to Biblical times, until I was jolted to reality by the close by honking traffic back. There’s a connect to an album with my first photos of Arabia in the left hand column of my blog. This recording includes some photos of the market. I can see why women aren’t allowed to drive here honestly, in a location like Jeddah especially. It is absolute madness! There is absolutely no way I would ever hear WANT drive.

First of all, there is practically no traffic enforcement to speak of. In heavy traffic, cars are bumper to bumper, literally inches with too many narrow misses for my blood pressure apart! Drivers disregard any semblance of traffic lanes totally, and they have to be very aggressive. Going the wrong direction on a marked one way street is common clearly. Even on divided streets with a median down the center, it is not unusual to encounter cars going both directions on each side of the median. Often cars will turn left from the far right lane in front of all the other lanes of traffic!

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One time on the busy street, we saw a car before us go into change, backing his way through the lanes of oncoming traffic! It is crazy absolutely. Fifty percent of the right time I must cover my eye because it is so nerve wracking. Amazingly there are very few accidents which I find astonishing. I kept bugging Adnan to get me a map of Jeddah, day his brother Adel pulled over while we were driving and bought me a map and lastly one.

The only problem was – it was all written in Arabic, so that it really didn’t do me much good. I finally got a map in English, therefore I am looking to around learn my way, although when you’re not the drivers, it is harder to pay attention to the streets and how to get somewhere. And there is something interesting that catches my vision and distracts me always.

So far, I’ve found that the language hurdle is a real non-issue. Almost everyone speaks some English and many people speak it perfectly. It really is trained in the colleges here. I haven’t felt it is a problem at all, but I have been made by it lazier about trying to learn Arabic! The pronunciation is difficult with many guttural sounds that aren’t found in English. I did so to get a good laugh out of everybody one day soon after my arrival, when of saying instead, “I want the bathroom,” I said, “I am your bathrooms!

” I still get kidded about this. Another thing that makes it a difficult language to learn is that inanimate objects are female or male, such as Spanish. But in Arabic this affects the verb form that ones use. Adnan’s family has been excellent about making Adam and me feel included, but there are times when they have a tendency to speak more in Arabic and I don’t possess a hint what they are discussing. I can grab a few words and they’re here, so sometimes I could find out what they are discussing, but many times I can’t. I have already been in Arabia for almost 90 days now, and so much the experience has been incredibly interesting.