Configuring DMR Trunk System Into SDS-200

Configuring DMR Trunk System Into SDS-200 1

I have been into scanning since the 60’s, however when it involves configuring a DMR Talk Group to hear, I am indeed a NEW USER / STARTING OUT. I use BUTEL ARC536PRO software. And as far as DMR, I simply can’t figure out how to program it in to the scanning device.

Looking at that system in the database, it would appear to me that the given information may be imperfect and/or inaccurate. It shows two frequencies, 463.250 and 464.075 as LCN 0, which is not just a valid amount for an LCN. If you were to perform the LCN finder on the website, it sets the LCNs all to 0 (zero), starts monitoring then. When and if it can establish the correct LCN, then your LCN number is populated for the frequency. I’m also seeing different color codes used for different frequencies. All of the DMR trunked systems I’ve run across in my own area use the same color code for each LCN in the site.

Looking at the license shown for the system, WQDA226, I see that there are additional frequencies on the license, that aren’t shown on the webpage. It’s possible that they are not used for the DMR system. But it’s also possible that one or more of the others, unaccounted for, frequencies should be listed on the webpage as well. Take a look at the frequencies on the permit.

As an example, check the FCC license search for frequency 464.375 in your county. This is the result I see. As you can see, there are three other licensees for the same regularity in your state, including another user that is certified for DMR. The other three frequencies listed for the website only show the infirmary as licensing to use in the county. Obviously, I’m not in your county, nor your state. However, for some of my local systems, where several user exists on one or even more frequencies, that can give you conflicting results as to any LCNs and color codes used.

I was trying to monitor the Southwest Airlines system at Dallas Love Field, but with no luck. Yet, on one of the frequencies licensed to Southwest, there was another licensee, using the same regularity, on a completely different DMR system. Needless to say, the color codes and LCNs used were not identical for the two users.

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