It Is Sooo Cool!

It Is Sooo Cool! 1

One of our instructional instructors shared this little gem of a concept during a meeting this week and the hour that I have used it so far has been PHENOMENAL for my students’ behavior! This website allows you to use your smartphone to add factors to each learning students individual avatar. Once you click on the button on your phone from anywhere in the room, the idea will ding and arrive on the Promethean board. That is mainly well suited for Smartboard and Promethean board users because the students can see that someone got a point immediately! I started it during my read aloud Friday afternoon and my students were all like pursuing along and into the book!

Here is exactly what the website looks like when you create your class. You merely have to join up and then create your class and then add the negative and positive behaviors you want to monitor and then you’re all set! You can choose nevertheless, you want to use the factors in your classroom.

I am going to make a poster with the idea levels and rewards to create in the area. Among the suggestions I noticed was to allow students to choose their own avatar (which you can totally do!) at a certain level of points. This tomorrow I am so thrilled to keep using! I also tossed around the thought of having students earn prizes for earning a certain variety of points every week. I’m not sure yet how I will take action! What do you men think! I want to know if you check it and what you see it out. It is cool too!

You will have to do a little of research on Google to discover who syndicates which kind of content but essentially syndication is a simple way for other people to help reveal and distribute the content you create. Connect to people that interact with you. Common sense I know, but important to mention still.

If someone leaves you a comment or starts discussions, make an effort to join in. Submit your site to rank engines, this is a great way to help people discover your content. My favorite site because of this is AdAge (which you can see in the bottom right hand part of the blog) which has the Power 150, a collection of the top 150 most influential marketing blogs in the global world. Share your own content across any relevant social marketing or channels collateral that you may have, this consists of things such as Twitter, Facebook, email signatures, business cards, brochures, and anything else that individuals shall see, don’t be shy.

Don’t be scared of drafts, you don’t always have to publish something right away, you can save material and then get back to it later, it’s a great way to avoid writers stop when you’re stuck mid-stream. You can even read other blogs on the market you are directly into get ideas and methods for content and/or ideas. Multi-media is your friend, it’s great to combine it up sometimes, you can use videos, images, tables, charts, and anything else to spruce up your content, basic text is boring to learn usually.

If you don’t feel just like writing something or you don’t have any ideas then don’t write, you want to create a good content not content for the sake of it just. Track your site with analytics, something like Google Analytics is free and easy to use, which means you really don’t have any excuses here. Introduce yourself, it’s great with an “about” page (or other things you want to showcase) that lets your readers know who you are and what you do. People want to know who is creating this content and who they are hooking up with, it’s frustrating to learn something that appears to be created by a private person.

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  • Post on Facebook that the last customer they offered yesterday was a pain in the behind
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Be yourself. You aren’t writing a college thesis here, let your personality as well as your ideas come through. It’s your site and your perspective is why is it unique, don’t worry about looking to sound like another person, be you. They are the ideas and tips that arrived to the brain but I’m sure you might have a few others, what else would you recommend?

The customizations are more considerable, if you understand your coding. If you’re a complete newcomer to your blog world and have a gmail accounts currently, Blogger might be easier to use. However WordPress provides more professional appear and feel with only a little more of a learning curve.

Blogger is more unbiased whereas WordPress has more of a community- that will be helpful for new beginners. Do you use Blogger or WordPress? See results I take advantage of both! As a normal blogger, I cannot decide which platform I like better. EASILY had to slim in one direction- it would be to visit with WordPress, despite the limited monetization options.