Turkey’s S-400 Could Give F-35s, F-22s A LIFT In A Fight With Russia

Turkey's S-400 Could Give F-35s, F-22s A LIFT In A Fight With Russia 1

Articles on the risk posed to the F-35 program by the S-400 are a dime twelve, with experts across the panel agreeing that networking Russian systems into NATO’s air defenses spells a near death phrase for allied air power. Additionally, scores of US experts have argued that Turkey’s S-400 could easily get a peek at the F-35’s stealth technology and glean important cleverness on the new airplane meant to provide as the backbone folks airpower for many years to come. But something odd is going on with the US’s laser beam focus on the F-35’s security. Michael Kofman, a senior research scientist at CNA, a nonprofit research and evaluation business, told Defense One this should be cause for concern.

Basically, while Russia’s set up and support for S-400 systems in Turkey can provide it intel on the F-35, Turkey, a NATO country, having Russia’s best tool against US airpower could spell doom for the machine. Russia relies on its missile defenses to keep its possessions at home and overseas safe as it pursues more and more risky military escalations in theaters like Ukraine and Syria.

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Defeating these systems could leave Russia vulnerable to attack. Bronk said. However, “it might be that the system is actually controlled by and guarded by Russian employees in Turkey, which could complicate things,” he added. Russia needs the amount of money? Russia’s weak economy as a conclusion for making the dangerous move of selling S-400 systems to a NATO country.

So while Russia may get some intelligence on the F-35 through its romantic relationship with Turkey, that street operates both real ways. Furthermore, while US stealth aircraft represent individual systems, Russia’s missile defenses serve as an answer to multiple US platforms, including naval missiles. Therefore, Russia having its S-400 mechanics open may end up being a worse proposition than the F-35 being somewhat exposed to Russian eye.

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