Stranded In Chaos

Stranded In Chaos 1

That was kind of my last two weeks. I continue my walking and I’m really battling fatigue. Rain and Fatigue. I’ve discovered easily walk if it is chilly (like 45 degrees or below), I lose feeling in my own feet and hands for awhile, so I’ve stopped doing that because I can’t stand that feeling. That fundamentally means I haven’t gone out and strolled as often as I prepared because we’ve yet to have summer time in northern Wisconsin.

It’s raining and frosty today, too and I’m basically over it. I here hate living. I did get some good information about a Weight Loss Exercise Class led by the physical therapists I saw last year at the hospital system I’m in. Not long ago i had a doctor tell me I may be a candidate for a weight reduction surgery and I just don’t think I could do it.

  1. Fitness Fun Zone Stencils
  2. Fat to Fit
  3. Family Hero/Responsible One
  4. 1931 Electric razor
  5. You are in least 18 years of age
  6. 320 web pages
  7. Cut pineapple into smaller items and put the items into a blender. Blend well
  8. 1 Tablespoon Fresh Dill, cut (only have dried out? use 1 teaspoon of that)

It would be great but the diet to follow before and after? I cannot, you guys. I’d be starving myself. I wish to eat what I want. I know my portions and what I eat isn’t my concern right now, it’s my lack of movement, therefore i think I’m going to join this course and see what happens.

5 a course and it’s an hour or so each time. I feel like if I have someone displaying me what to do I shall be more successful. It’s one hour out of our home so I’m always up for that. Next is Lucy up. Well it’s been a couple of months and we returned to check on it.

It works out that she still has fluid in both ears (like WAY down there) and she has a 30% loss of hearing in both ears, which places her in the moderate hearing loss category. Mostly this means a great deal of her conversation issues can be an apraxia and hearing reduction combo and that explains a lot of her deficits.

Most letter sounds and combinations, she can’t listen to. If you go outside and listen to a tree or waterfall leaves rustling? She can’t hear that. WHILE I whisper to her? She can’t hear that. When we speak silently during bedtime tale? She likely can’t hear it. It points out SO MUCH. It also sucks and it is heartbreaking really.

The plan right now is on her behalf to have surgery in mid-July and have her ears completely drained, tubes put in, and her adenoids removed. At this time it’s pretty clear she doesn’t inhale as if you and I really do, and that might be why she’s not able to keep her tongue in her mouth area when she talks.

The tongue muscle isn’t doing it’s job so while we’re doing exercises for that, we need her to breathe normally for it to really work. So that is why adenoids are coming out. We’ll be holding our breath because after her surgery we’ll know (hopefully pretty quickly) the type of hearing loss she has. It’s either due to the fluid/lack of air flow in her ears, maybe it’s because the parts of her ears aren’t working properly, a variety of those two, OR maybe it’s a brain thing.