Damn, THAT IS CLEARLY A Lot Of Manuscripts!

Damn, THAT IS CLEARLY A Lot Of Manuscripts! 1

There’s a fresh fad in publishing: People’s Choice-style contests for publication manuscripts. No less than three of the contests have sprung up over the past ten months. A fresh round, for mystery/crime novels, has been announced just, co-sponsored by Court TV. Interestingly, Simon & Schuster, which co-sponsored the first two rounds, seems to have bailed–this right time, the grand reward publishing contract will be provided by Borders.

5,000 will be paid and the contract will be non-negotiable, but other conditions are less favorable than in the last contests. Borders will submit the winner’s novel in mass market format, and it will be available for sale exclusively–i.e., only–in Borders US stores, and not always most of them. Project Publish, co-sponsored by MediaPredict, an online game that uses a prediction market setup to rate media content, and Simon & Schuster. Books section of MediaPredict, Project Publish listings are just about the only action.

Contestants have until November 5 to submit an unpublished, English-language manuscript (up to 5,000 manuscripts will be accepted). Submissions will be read by Amazon editors and top Amazon customer reviewers, who will pick up to at least one 1,000 semi-finalists (the contest rules make reference to “judging criteria,” but I wasn’t in a position to find these stated anywhere).

The nine remaining finalists will get a free Total Design Freedom self-publishing package deal from BookSurge and a mass media collection from Hewlett-Packard. Semi-finalists will receive a review of their manuscript by Publishers Weekly. In addition, all entrants will get reduced self-publishing services from BookSurge for custom cover design, formatting, and editing and enhancing. For Penguin, it’ll get a book with (theoretically) ready-made promotional potential. 25,000 advance, as long as the winner is ready to sign its publishing contract as is, without negotiation. Penguin also reserves the exclusive to make publication offers (that are negotiable) to finalists and semi-finalists until their manuscripts are eliminated from the competition.

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As I’ve said before, I’ve general problems with the methodology of people’s choice-style honours put on books, where voting is conducted centered only on excerpts. More in cases like this specifically, I’ve misgivings about the sheer size of the competition. Damn, that’s a lot of manuscripts! Overall, though, this seems like a decent contest, without awful surprises in the state guidelines. So who’ll be another on the people’s choice bandwagon? Also, where Amazon goes, Barnes & Noble can not be far in back of.

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