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60) to test. It had taken awhile for me to start using it because I only test one eye treatment at a time. How else would I know what’s doing what? I’ve been using HydroPeptide for approximately six weeks (maybe seven), and I believe it’s a great eyes treatment. I must buy into the marketing information below.

The lightweight, super-hydrating vision cream is marketed as an under-eye cream yet, but I have been using it over and under, without seepage into my eye and no ill effects. Combat all the optical eyes area concerns from fine lines and wrinkles to dark circles and puffiness. HydroPeptide Eyes does everything and effectively will it.

Seven peptides go to work visibly lifting lines and wrinkles, reducing puffiness and dark circles. Immediately, pearls put in a pretty luminescent glow, and hyaluronic acid hydrates. Perfectly primes eyelids for eye makeup for a smooth, crease-free application. I don’t experience dark circles, but HydroPeptide Eyesight anyhow has captured me. They say you don’t need to have dark circles to understand just what a tiny dab will do for you.

I am terribly delicate/allergic to retinol, yet this eyesight cream triggered burning, peeling, or soreness. There’s Vitamin K (recognized to assist in preventing capillary leakage under the eyes) and licorice, great elements for combating dark circles; sodium hyaluronate, nature’s sponge – a fabulous moisturizer;, and arbutin, a bearberry-derived natural epidermis brightener.

I won’t provide you with the science on all the ingredients. I know there’s a spot of which your eyes may glaze over. At HydroPeptide, the concentrate is on peptides. They are market leaders in peptide technology and currently incorporate 21 of the latest generation peptides in their HydroPeptide Collection. This amount is always growing as they test new peptides. They claim to have created the innovative and comprehensive peptide collection open to lead the way in innovation and peptide technology.

This vision cream includes dipeptide-2. That’s a peptide with a framework resembling that of the lipid content of the epidermis. It’s considered to be a Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF). As an NMF, it can help keep carefully the intercellular structure of the epidermis intact, facilitates the skin’s healing process, prevents dermal discomfort, and could regenerate your skin even. That’s only 1 of the beneficial peptides in HydroPeptide’s products. HydroPeptide products are also paraben-free, phthalate-free, and cruelty-free. That leaves me toward the company extra-friendly. Redness Relief Collection, including HydroPeptide Eye. All I could say is, “Wow!” You know what I really like about this photo? Have you noticed how staged before and after photos are ever?

In the before picture, the subject is always frowning. Before photos look a little like mugshots. In the after photo, the topics are smiling – all happy, presumably, with the total results. There’s nothing such as a smile, but it can nothing to illustrate most skin care results. What specific results have I seen?

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First, it requires only a teeny tiny bit to use under the optical eye and on the eyelid crease. I’m sure that is why the half-ounce container has lasted me for a long period. When you pump the merchandise onto your finger or hands to apply it, you will notice a pearly look.

That pearly appearance transfers to your skin around my eye, brightening for a glowing look. Could it be that natural pearl powder and mica in the elements? I believe so because they really put in a luminescence that’s impressive. It feels cool on the skin and absorbs quickly, leaving the perfect bottom for my makeup. I nave noticed no perfume – one of my pet peeves with skin care.

My expression lines have been reduced, and the craziness inside over the crease has been way less recognizable. The region around my eyes looks fresh and healthy after six weeks of continuous use (morning and night before bed). Perhaps it’s turning back the hands of your time? I believe so. I’m a believer. I acquired so excited about it, I began applying it to the nasolabial folds around my mouth.