Q: Imagine if a face or body essential oil has mineral essential oil in it? Q: If you receive and review a few free products in between the ones you get, how do we know you are not being swayed by all the swag? A: The FTC has started monitoring bloggers recently, freaked out over us swaying our biases towards swag-happy brands. Hence: a disclaimer: I don’t write about a product unless I have already been duly seduced by some element of its production, product packaging, ingredient, aroma, and/or some intangible variable.

I am brutally honest, truthful & sane about what I love. And, mediocrity here has no place. Unless you like my suggestions, call me from it, share why it didn’t do the job. Together with your help, I can keep this an ad-free blog by considering only the best of beauty & oils.

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It’s your interest & clicking that continue me writing. No lunchtime hour conferences nor schmoozing. I hold regular job with the right part-time life. If I get it, I’ll try it & consider reviewing it. Q: Please don’t start advertising. Your beauty blog is the only one that actually loads up. Why do other beauty sites have a lot crap all over their pages? A: Because they want to make money. Magazines rely on advertising to get released.

Blogs rely on ads to get strikes. Mo’ hits mean mo’ money. I simply care to talk about musings on stuff I like. I simply won’t advertise. After all, aren’t the best things in life always free? Q: Some blogs delete comments? Doesn’t the Internet enable free talk? A: Free-conversation is welcomed in the public spaces of life.

This is a privately-run blog with a blogger who would like to encourage exchange of thoughtful reviews, smart critiques, and foolish wit. Spam, personal episodes, product promos and trollishness will be all deleted. You’re welcome to post whatever you want by yourself blog and send me the hyperlink, though. Q: Why do you link to science sites?

A: I do take time to see if the technology supports the promises, though, it’s clear not every essential oil/essence/extract has been examined so far. Q: Exactly what does EFAs are a symbol of? A: Essential fatty acids, the nice stuff your skin layer covets. In the event that you select Noteworthy, you can read about the science in it.

Q: How will you use many of these natural oils you try? A: I’m pretty high with long hair. Well, with long arms and legs, a jar will last me just two whole weeks. A: frankly Quite, I really do review brands & products, which excite me to no end. It could be the founder’s philosophy, the innovative packaging, and/or the intricate array of oils found in cure.

And, I’m a bit peev-ish about those companies (yes, there still are a few), who don’t list or share their elements. Q: Ok, how do the oil is tested by one to see if you like it? Body oils are always tested on freshly exfoliated skin. I apply the oil to see how long the shine lasts, if the scent persists, and/or what the density/finish is like.

Face oils & balms are always tested overnight, as I use Retin-A and chemical peels within my skin care regime. Which means, yes, I get to suffer from frequent bouts of dehydrated skin. Not-so-great oils shall sit down atop; finer quality oils with will seep in & moisturize. I also test face oils with foundations (water, compact, natural powder), blushes (gels, creams), and highlighters to find out if the oil causes that abhorred greasiness or the desirous, delectable dewiness. Our readers, obviously, desire the latter. Other oils & balms are examined over scrubbed feet newly, slathered on, & covered overnight with cotton socks. It’s the morning hours after suppleness that see whether the oil/balm worked well or gets transferred over for an assessment.