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This is Mr McGowan’s page for Higher Business Management. You shall find links to relevant websites and other pages for the individual products. Slides for all the Higher Business Management outcomes are available on the pages and you’ll also find links to download core notes. Higher Business Management is an extremely interesting and relevant subject. I hope you enjoy it and do well.

People are shopping and utilizing what the city has to offer. At exactly the same time, we are taking time to reflect on it. Of the week By the finish, we had learnt that a mother acquired wiped out her seven children and one nephew at her home in Cairns, which includes given the nation yet another Christmas tragedy.

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1989 also bought on its own tragedy through the Christmas season, which bought sadness upon the country, week though it would not measure from what saw last. However, the loss of life was higher than what we should noticed at the Lindt much. 36 people were killed when two buses collided on the Pacific Highway near Clybucca Heads on the NSW North Coast.

The incident happened in the early hours of December 22. This is actually the most severe loss of life on Australian streets ever. The collision had occurred 8 weeks after a coach collided with a semi-trailer, near Grafton, killing 21 people. The 1980’s was a bad decade for those who appreciated speeding or using a few drinks and traveling home under the impact. They got an worse Xmas present to end the 10 years off even, with bigger penalties for drink driving. Source: Roads and Traffic Authority (NSW).

And thats actually not what I needed. I share the inherated hostility against business students. That struck a cord in me really. During the period of my college experience I realised, that most busines subjcts can be learned by yourself. I am not talking about the hardcore accounting stuff, but every other subject matter works.

I am quiet suprised that nobody mentioned the mixture Engineering and Business major. And if someone is thinking about doing something similar to that, I would highly recommend never to do so. If you’re thinking about engineering, do a pure engineering degree. You will enjoy your university experience a lot more, as beeing always beeing inbetween those poles.

Beeing a passionated engineer is something great. If you want to have an interesting amount of time in your programs and in university in general, I’d do an executive major with a liberal arts minor in something you are interested like music. Besides you are learning a great major you are being improved by you musical abillities. The point is, you wont get an interview in the first place if you majored in something silly like “liberal arts”. Why not take business AND mathematics? I concur that business majors are silly generally, but for a complete different reason entirely.

This is actually very good advise. Unfortunately, there are extremely few liberal arts majors capable of transferring five semesters of university mathematics. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. This article can be an example of some of the dumbest advice I have ever seen. I am a current business manager and would always hire a business major of any kind over the liberal arts major.

Business majors are a lot more focused on running the business in comparison to IT majors and liberal arts majors. I use many of these degree types, and this is the behavior I have observed. Of each day are British majors The only exception I’ve seen in the course. I AM A CLASSICS MAJOR from UNC Chapel Hill – Which is horrible advice!