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Aesthetics is the region of philosophy that addresses the ideas of beauty and artwork. You will find two basic standings on the nature of beauty: objective and subjective judgment. Subjective judgment of beauty shows that beauty is not similar to everyone – that which visually pleases the observer is beautiful (to the observer). Alternatively, those partial to the target explanation of beauty make an effort to measure it.

They claim that certain properties of an object create an inherent beauty – such as symmetry and balance. Both Plato and Aristotle backed the objective judgment. Some, such as Immanuel Kant, took a middle path, holding that beauty is of a subjective nature, but there are qualities of beauty that have universal validity. The traditional concepts behind appearance noticed beauty in character, and that artwork should mimic those qualities within nature. Aristotle’s Poetics describes this idea, which he develops from Plato’s teachings. Modern visual ideas, including those of Kant, stress the creative and symbolic aspect of artwork – that character does not always have to guide art for this to be beautiful.

Thank you and also have fun attempting one out! I put no proven fact that cherries were so beneficial to the skin. That is another great addition to your DYI skin-care series. I want to try several of them! I appreciate your caution about not overusing the masks and the links to your other fantastic Hubs for cleanser, anti-aging serum, and other quality recipes.

Thanks a lot for featuring my cherry chocolate cake formula! I’ll link back. I had no idea that track is sung by a group called “Wild Cherries”. Just, what a sweet addition to the Hub. Another beautifully formatted and beneficial Hub, Suzanne. I’ve shared, voted, and pinned it up up up!

I think I counted 7 different masks here, enough for each possible skin type and/or problem. On top of that, they hardly use any ingredients! The next time I buy cherries and perhaps strawberries, I’ll try either the anti-aging kind or the rejuvenating variety. As normal, great hub, and a wonderful idea! I love the photos, the hyperlink to Rajan’s article (he could be one of my very favorite authors, and he always does such an excellent job), and a connect to Vespa’s recipe, which I shall check out next. I didn’t know that the group that sings the above-mentioned song is named “Wild Cherry”!

It’s smart of you to include that. I have to read up on using videos, because I don’t possess videos on some of my hubs, and I believe they add interest to numerous articles. You reminded me that we have a Farmer’s Market (or more than one, even) in Boston that is quite huge. Andy and I went in the Autumn there and enjoyed buying inexpensive and fresh produce there. Now that the elements are warmer and he is (hopefully) done focusing on his “the sunshine” car, maybe we can in fact go there on weekends again. I love cherries and could have a hard time not eating them. Voted up and shared. LOVE this and will try one. Your hubs are so useful!

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