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Blythe Corbett Of UCD's Mind Institute 1

At 2 a.m. on March 2, 1984, Jan Isaacson woke husband Steve and told him it was time to start a family. What she actually said was that they’d get up in the morning and begin a musical theater company. It will involve kids, adults, and older persons. One to argue Never, Steve said OK and went back to sleep. In the morning, the wheels are put by them in movement.

The seeds of the idea were planted back 1973 at Miami Dade Junior College, in which a timid Steve was playing drum in a band painfully. A clarinet player from Brooklyn introduced herself, stole his drum sticks, and ran away. I thought, ‘This must be flirting,’ ‘ said Steve, who proposed to Jan. three days later. Steve was focusing on obtaining his master’s degree in music, while teaching at Larry White Music School in Hialeah. Jan was a creative art major at Florida International University or college. However they were miserable in Florida.

I was sitting home one Saturday morning hours, just hating life and taking a look at the giant palmetto bugs – which are like schedules with legs – and I said I gotta get outta here,’ Steve remembered. Then, by accident, he noticed an information statement about this little town in California that was ‘doing something about air pollution.’ Steve remembers being impressed by how young then-mayor Bob Black was.

Steve and Jan packed all their possessions into a VW squareback and go for California. Jan had been farther west than Pennsylvania never. Their welcome to Davis was punctuated when the car’s third gear went, as they drove beneath the train bridge in to the downtown area. Steve soon joined a music group playing at Central Park during the weekly Farmers’ Market.

Then he was called and asked to play drums for a creation of ‘Dames at Sea,’ being mounted by West of Broadway. He decided, and Jan helped stage back. Like that Just, these were set on a course that eventually would plunge them headlong into creating a Davis theater group dedicated to modern musicals.

1984 was, I recall vividly, a golden age of theater in Davis. 5. Why have solution prices so high that no one comes? Individuals were invited to wait an organizational meeting. I said that if nobody turns up, we’re not achieving this,’ Steve recalled. But people did show up. Obviously, folks were interested in the new movie theater company.

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They decided to begin big, with a creation of ‘Peter Pan.’ That debut show was aimed by Bob Baxter, who acquired directed for Music Circus; music direction was handled by Jim Arnold, lead singer from the Four Lads. My child, Jeri, was the stage supervisor; she remembers a great deal of problems.

For the most part, the cast members served as de facto tech team, but that offered some problems during Act 3, while everyone was performing on stage. Jeri begged friends to come quickly to the theater and help, because so few hands were available. Walt also remembers that the opening-night performance began while people still were building Act 3’s pirate ship on the Veterans’ Memorial Theater launching dock. You could hear Skilsaw sounds in the theater,’ he laughed. The fledgling company was navigating some growing aches and pains. Young acquired performed with Sacramento’s Music Circus and, since she lived in Roseville, never expected to audition for a show in Davis.

But she acquired caused choreographer Ron Cisneros; when she learned he would be doing DMTC’s ‘The King and I,’ she followed him. Daughter Wendy is at the fourth grade at the right time, and she grew up with DMTC literally. Port A Potties during evening rehearsals. The chair had to collapse, so people could go down a slide once they were killed. I examined it with this son Tom, who was simply about 14 years of age at the right time, and it worked fine.

But then we required it in to the theater and put Vince DiCarlo in it. He was a big guy, and when we tried to collapse the chair, it didn’t budge. Julie caught pneumonia during one creation and needed to be taken to the hospital. Charlotte French saw me come off stage following the final amount and wouldn’t let me go on for the drape call,’ she said.