There is no question you can generate income online. Isn’t your real question, “How do I generate income online”? Let’s discuss your options and see if there is one that really sticks out as your answer. People that have lost their job and the potential clients for a fresh one aren’t good.

Those who find that we now have always more bills than money to pay them. Jealous types who know someone living in the enviable lifestyle that can come from making your living online. Individuals in the first group have an immediate need and are highly motivated, even desperate. The second group has some urgency but a little more latitude in acting probably. The last group is a real wild card.

I hope this article will satisfy the basics of the question for all three groups. There is no doubt in my mind that anyone can generate income online almost. The follow up question that comes after that is online HOW can I make money. For the sake of brevity, I am going to assume that one isn’t asking about selling a product or service that they already sell offline, online.

Nor are we discussing cleaning out the attic on eBay or Craigslist. Tip: forget garage sale-ing on eBay. Create a blog or website of valuable information, get a lot of traffic, and sell to the web-site site visitors through various methods. Expect this method to consider the longest of the three, take an incredible amount of work developing this content. Then learn search engine optimization (SEO) and promote the daylights from the site. Pay Per PPC or Click advertising of a product or service that you become an affiliate for.

That means you don’t develop, dispatch, or touch the product or service ever, just send customers to the sales page of the business that does. This method can be the quickest method but also the most costly, as you have to cover the clicks of advertisements you buy on the various search engines like Google, Yahoo!

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Bing. You need extensive knowledge, or money to hire the ongoing work done, to build a website, do research, write ad copy, and carefully monitor your promotions. The 3rd method is article marketing. The final method is the best for anyone who is not wealthy already. But again then, why would anyone wealthy be reading this article?

With marketing with articles you can get started with no money, simply an internet and computers (to borrow one at the collection even). Day This technique can generate income in as little as one, a week or two as well but can simply take. So as you can probably figure out from reading about the three methods to generate income online, my response to “How do I generate income online” is normally to suggest marketing with articles. Article marketing isn’t only a great way for beginners to start making money online, it is also a great way to complement other methods you may presently be using with some success. But it surely shines for the newcomer.