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Yesterday there was a fresh digi release of word arts from Paper Makeup Stamps. I’m fairly proud of this batch, as I was trying out a new style for PMS. They make me happy, and in the end, that’s all that matters, right? Here’s my credit card using one of the best mottos ever!

My cards don’t often have an exact destination once making them but this one definitely does. This has been one of my BFF’s since oh, the womb, and my motto from long ago. The colors with this card are her favorite color combo as well so I’m sure she will love it.

Now as I stated in an earlier post this week, personally I think like I’m in an awful rut with card layouts. I went over to Julie’s blog or the Mojo Monday problem blog to get a better layout! I LOOOOOOVE Julee’s designs! I just about just trapped to the basics on this one. I was going to embellish it a little more, but quite frankly, I forgot.

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I have attempted this product. I love it and ordered a 6 month source. I have tried all the over-the-counter products. I am 61 yrs have and old received the product and used it for 3 weeks now. My deep lines and wrinkles around my eyes already are less noticable.

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