Honor Band 4 Vs Samsung Galaxy Fit E

Honor Band 4 Vs Samsung Galaxy Fit E 1

While talking about fitness band’s battery pack life, everyone desires it to perform for days. And juicing it up shouldn’t take greater than a handful of hours. Well, that’s what everyone expects. The 100 mAh electric battery of Honor Band 4 boasts a run time of 17 times under normal use conditions. However, the charge can run out sooner when you yourself have allowed key features like notifications and turned on the sleep tracker.

In our case, the battery pack of the Band 4 lasted for around 8-10 days, with the rest tracker turned on. Interestingly, the Galaxy Fit he includes a 70-mAh battery that can last about a week. However, allow all the features like messages, heartbeat sensor, and you could only expect it to last about four days. Also, the Galaxy Fit he makes you dependent on the Galaxy Wearable app if you would like to start to see the remaining battery percentage. Also, if it’s at 10%, it will not vibrate neither does it send any notification. So, you’ll have to create a habit, in the long run, to check for the rest of the battery pack in the app.

Now comes the most crucial part – how accurate are these trackers? Do you’ll get accurate stats or do you get an estimate on your overall performance just? Well, let us begin by stating the actual Honor Band 4 and the Galaxy Fit we can track. To begin with, both the fitness bands can monitor heartbeat, sleep, and workout routines, apart from counting your daily steps. Both bands can detect walking, running, and workouts automatically.

However, you’ll have to dive in deeper into the workout scenes to track specific kind of workouts. In a nutshell, you need to command the rings manually. Besides that, these bands don’t have GPS chips, therefore the details are lent by them off your mobile phone to provide you the necessary stats like pace, maps, and velocity. We had the rings show us wrong data seldom. Of course, there are a mismatch sometimes, but thankfully, the stats are not too from the mark to make sure they are appear unbelievable. The Honor Band 4 tracks your divides and sleep your sleep data into three types – Deep sleep, Light sleep, and REM sleep, apart from the waking period.

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It tracks the rest even though you doze off during the day – most of the affordable trackers fail to do this. It’s well worth noting that the Band 4 uses Huawei’s TruSleep algorithm for sleep tracking. As for the Galaxy Fit me, you can be informed because of it just how many hours you have slept, the grade of sleep (lightness and heaviness), and exactly how long you remained motionless also. Yes, both rings tell you much all you need to learn quite. But the thing about sleep tracking is that there surely is no chance to verify the data.

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