Organizational Behavior Ch. 6

Organizational Behavior Ch. 6 1

Management – Organizational Behavior Ch. 1. The Nucor Steel Company’s incentive system penalizes low performers, but models no top limit on the total amount high performers can earn each year. 2. Evidence of the success of Nucor Steel is the reduced turnover rate and nonunion status of the firm. 3. Nucor Metal’s formulation for success is to centralize decision making and rigidly define supervisor and worker job responsibilities.

4. Leaving employees free to choose job performance methods can be an important element of medical management techniques. 5. Job field of expertise entails wearing down jobs into their simplest components. 6. Job enlargement involves moving employees from job to job at different intervals. 7. You are a Walt Disney Company management trainee. The first three months of your task you’ll be employed in the hospitality and restaurant area.

The next 90 days you will be in the merchandising area, accompanied by 90 days in lodging and lastly, three months in park functions. The Walt Disney management trainee program is designed using the working job rotation viewpoint. 8. Inside a supermarket study, cashiers rotated through different departments have lower stress levels and less pain in shoulders and necks. 9. Research demonstrates the psychological state of meaningfulness is the most crucial such condition for employee behaviour and habits. 10. The working job characteristics model can be an attempt to design jobs for increased motivational potential. 11. Skill task and variety significance are the most important elements in deciding motivational potential.

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12. Usage of information is a key element in empowering employees. 13. Goal dedication is higher when employees have trust-based romantic relationships with managers. 14. Goal setting techniques is one of the very most influential and practical theories of motivation. 15. The very best goals are easy ones. 16. The performance appraisal meeting is the most crucial component of a performance appraisal.

17. In the very best performance appraisal meetings, criticism of the average person personality traits is very important. 18. Quality expert Edward Deming advocates abolishing performance appraisals in the workplace. 19. Adequate notice ensures that there is certainly two-way communication during the performance appraisal process. 20. Relative ranking appraisals can help an organization are more performance-oriented if they’re used for a few years because they tend to weed out employees with persistent performance problems.

21. To boost the effectiveness of performance conferences, increase employee participation. 22. Attractive women are scored lower if they’re employed in nonmanagement jobs and higher if they are in management careers. 23. Leniency bias helps it be harder for employees to improve their behaviors. 24. Merit pay is a long term pay raise predicated on previous performance. 25. Inside a pay system based upon commission, rewarding only sales quantity can lead salesmen to seriously discount products.