Who Was Eulalie Mandeville AND JUST WHY Have You Never HEARD ABOUT Her?

Who Was Eulalie Mandeville AND JUST WHY Have You Never HEARD ABOUT Her? 1

Eulalie d’ Mandeville was one of the first women in American history to become the equivalent of a self-made millionaire. You might think that such an excellent and enterprising American female would be honored as a nationwide heroine. Mandeville amassed her fortune by establishing a wholesale distribution company in New Orleans. She purchased various dry-food products from abroad, warehoused them in Plaquemines Parish, and distributed those products to a vast network of suppliers. Ever the conscientious business woman, Mandeville reinvested her revenue in stocks and shares, real property, and discounted bank notes. You will find two primary reasons why the storage of Mandeville has been scrubbed by history revisionists. First, Mandeville was a black girl. Second, she thrived in the antebellum South.

Her success operates unlike the revisionists’ depiction of American history. Her legacy doesn’t fit their fake narrative! We are resulting in think that our history is an account of white supremacy in which no dark person could improve beyond menial labor or slavery, let alone become a highly reputed business person.

That Mandeville thrived amid the place and time that signify the most reprehensible racism known to humanity does more than concern the revisionist narrative of our racist former. It demolishes it. We are said to be shaped by a history of white repression of most non-whites when, the truth is, our culture has embraced, and admired hard-working people always, no matter their cultural roots.

Her gender only escalates the humiliation of revisionists. Dare we show that revisionists will be the true racists? By scrubbing American background of successful black women like Eulalie d’ Mandeville, revisionists flourish in convincing us that we will be the progeny of racial injustice that demands retribution, reparations even. Revisionism is racist in that it misrepresents the altruism innate to white people. Revisionism is also racist in that it robs black Americans, women in particular, of successful role models.

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Cultural Marxism plays a lyrical tune of dark entitlement and victimization. It convinces smart black Americans that their attempts at self-advancement are futile; that economic accomplishment is deprived them by white privilege. Black women are convinced that there is no point in even attempting to achieve success. The machine is and is definitely stacked against them now.

Revisionism is racist for the reason that it demeans all black Americans as a class of humans not capable of overcoming obstacles. While Mandeville was a free-born dark female who has been effectively erased from American background by revisionists, there have been other enterprising dark women in the antebellum South who were not free.

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Yes, black American slaves were allowed to own property. Did you know? What other fact is revisionists concealing from us? Click here for Black history they don’t really want you to know. Revisionists find it impossible to cover up the legacy of Oprah Winfrey and her multi-billion-dollar mass media empire. After all, her face has been omnipresent on our to for many years.

They do, however, ignore the success of Taysha Valez. The Mainstream Marxist Media (MMM) often illustrates the successes of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Microsoft’s Bill Gates, or trader Warren Buffett. Showcasing rich white men’s ties in the revisionist narrative neatly. Today’s Eulalie d’ Mandeville — Taysha Valez — remains hidden from view.