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A commentary authored by Dan Walters (“Could California pension system be underwater?,” February 3, CalMatters) has raised some questions among employers that participate in CalPERS about how the pension system calculates unfunded liabilities. 4 trillion. Walters loosely throws around government actuarial speak so let us break it down. The Fed used what’s called a PBO or projected benefit obligation. This essentially means that whenever you estimate unfunded liabilities you project future pay raises that a member might obtain. News flash to Walters: CalPERS already does this. 179 billion should be much higher is wrong actually. And, in fact, you’re wrong about the unfunded liability amount as well.

The other issue at hand is how the Fed came up with the trillion-dollar body for all state and local pension programs. The strategy is never dealt with in the commentary, but we can surmise that it’s likely based on a risk-free discount rate (assumed rate of return) of about 3 percent.

CalPERS discount rate is 7 percent because we think we can do better with these investments, and we’ve. Our average annual come back for the last 30 years is 8.4 percent. A couple of other tips about Walters’ piece and his loose use of facts. He reported that the CalPERS fund acquired “lost” 3.9 percent during 2018. The right figure, accurately reported in public areas to the CalPERS plank in January, was 3.5 percent. Calendar-year earnings are only a simple snapshot in time But much more important is that calendar.

  1. Do not make investments into an LLC designed just for the oil gas investing offering to evade an oil scam
  2. Consideration Of Risk
  3. In section 3 (and in their abstract), F&S accuse FRB of having a “deflationary bias”
  4. Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

Employer valuations and pension contribution calculations derive from investment returns for the fiscal season, June 30 July 1 to, year not the calendar. In fact, Walters failed to note that strong financial markets in the new year drove the CalPERS fund up about 4. 3 percent in January, wiping out the negative 2018 profits essentially. For our employers and require reading the Walters column there are two clear takeaways. CalPERS was prior to the Given when it comes to projecting unfunded liabilities accurately. And we’re focused on earning a solid return for the fund.

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