Prostate Cancer Patients Would Pay $2,000 For More Accurate Biopsies, Study Finds

Prostate Cancer Patients Would Pay $2,000 For More Accurate Biopsies, Study Finds 1

The study by senior author Gopal Gupta, MD, and co-workers was a multidisciplinary collaboration among Loyola Medicine and Loyola University Chicago’s Quinlan School of Business and Stritch School of Medicine. Loyola was the first center in Illinois to offer the new technique, called MR-US prostate biopsy. The technique fuses MRI images with ultrasound imaging to make a detailed, 3-D view of the prostate. This improved view helps physicians perform biopsies with higher accuracy and raises prostate tumor detection. When prostate cancer is suspected due to results of the PSA screening test or digital rectal exam, a biopsy is performed. The doctor sticks a needle into 12 regions of the prostate typically.

However, this traditional method can miss a tumor that’s not positioned in one of the 12 areas. Within MR-US biopsy, an MRI is conducted before the biopsy to identify lesions that may be tumors. Through the biopsy, these MR images are fused with ultrasound imaging, which courses the biopsy needle to the lesions.

Dr. Gupta and his colleagues wanted to better know how patients perceive this new technology and what they are willing to shell out the dough. So they partnered with Quinlan School of Business marketing faculty members Joan Phillips, PhD, and Alexander Krasnikov, PhD, to execute a conjoint analysis. Researchers surveyed 202 men aged 55 to 70 in a urology medical clinic. 2,000 of their own money in an ongoing health checking account. 1,598 more for a biopsy that increased the probability of detecting all sorts of prostate cancer from 43 percent to 51 percent. 2,034 extra for an exam that, like MR-US prostate biopsy, increased the negative predictive value from 70 percent to 90 percent. Patients were not ready to pay extra for a biopsy with an improved level of sensitivity to detect high-risk cancer by itself. 1,570 more than standard biopsies, and aren’t protected similarly by insurance policies. Dr. Gupta and colleagues wrote.

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Alibaba businesses or perhaps even used to buy Alibaba common stock or bonds, as was talked about, in the last couple of articles. 150 Billion is plenty of to prop up a stock where in fact the daily quantity is under a billion dollars each day. If this mess is a real Ponzi system (hypothetically), until the hard working, industrious, conscientious, trusting and regrettably, naive Chinese people stop funding it and/or actually want their primary back, this charade could continue for a long time. Yesterday Softbank announced that it was acquiring ARM, a computer chip designer situated in the UK.

32 Billion deals, at a 40% premium over the business’s shutting price on Friday is the largest ever deal involving a European technology company. Masayoshi Son is indeed, one of a type or kind. 40% since the announcement, so apparently Mr. Son is paying 40% more than the marketplace thinks ARM is worth.

The purchase price calculation would yield a P/E of 70x last years cash flow. Obviously Mr. Son knows things that Mr. Market doesn’t. He understands that under his command, vision and direction, Today ARM will morph into something many multiples higher than what it is. Henrick & Phil should take notice. Here’s a Summary of what I thought of Softbank back September 2015, as a refresher, filled with citations of: Mr. Son’s efforts to “alleviate sadness and increase everyone’s pleasure to the best extent possible”. Apparently Tokyo shareholders think a bit less of the “all cash” deal than Mr. Son, sending Softbank stocks down 10% overnight.

15 Billion he’ll scrape collectively somehow. 24 Billion as of 3/31/16 so Mr. Son is apparently betting the plantation with this acquisition. 70 billion of his personal net worth) with a hubris similar to a Fourth of July skyrocket “oooohhhh”, and a very public explosion “ahhhhh”. Like Melania Trump’s speech last night, this event seems strangely familiar. Mr. Son’s modus operandi hasn’t transformed. Just how is this mess related to Alibaba and the hard working, industrious, conscientious, trusting, and sadly, naive Chinese people?

It’s becoming better each day that the hard working, industrious, conscientious, trusting, and unfortunately, naive Chinese people are funding this (alleged) Ponzi schemes. Their good beliefs IOU’s were and can continue to be happily prolonged to Messrs. Son and Ma, through their spider web of related shadow-bank businesses. This money, absent of regulatory oversight is open to use for just about any, and every imaginable boondoggle, without restriction, fueled by the trust these legendary financiers work their absurd financial alchemy and continue steadily to change lead into silver. The deeper we enter this, the closer we get to reality exposure painfully.

The Chinese people believe that their money is safe and they’re achieving risk-free, out-sized earnings through this magic. Like Bernie Madoff, Frank Gruttadauria, WorldCom, and Enron, this charade can continue for a long period, but when the end eventually comes, it will be shockingly swift, and traders all over the world shall be hurt because of it.