Why One Forty Minute Walk IS PREFERABLE TO Two Twenty Minute Walks

Why One Forty Minute Walk IS PREFERABLE TO Two Twenty Minute Walks 1

First of all, if you opt to walk, whether for fitness, weight loss or just better health, hooray for you! Take a bow, you’ve gained it! Any walk will be of great benefit Almost, of course. However, there are more effective walks than others, depending on your goal. Let’s talk about one method to make walking for weight reduction do more for the same effort.

Okay. You shall experience health, fitness, and weight-loss benefits either way. Health and physical fitness benefits will probably be essentially the same, depending of course on many factors other than the time of the walk itself. However, doing all the walk simultaneously will be much more effective for weight loss than splitting it up for one major reason.

Weight loss as a result of walking depends upon two major factors: calories burned and fat burnt. Aren’t they the same? Here’s a simple explanation. I’ll be keeping it basic. When you ingest food, part of it is used to make a product called “glycogen” which is stored in the muscles. When you start working out, this glycogen is used as energy for the experience. However, the body cannot create glycogen fast enough to keep providing it during an extended exercise period.

When this point is reached, the physical body starts to burn fat to continue providing energy. So, there you are walking at a brisk clip for 20 minutes. After all, a good 20-minute walk is a good exercise option no matter how you look at it. However, you are walking for weight reduction, and you want your walk to be as effective as possible.

Now, I am going to use some amounts. They are just general averages that I am using to illustrate my point. You may burn up more or less, or your neighbor may, so do not get hooked on the numbers, just the concept. Brisk walking can burn about 300 calories per hour.

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Sitting around can burn about 60. Again, these are generalities just. A muscular person will around burn up more calories sitting, and an obese person shall burn more calories from fat walking. Okay, you take a 20-minute walk. You burn about 100 calories. In a week and you also burn 500 calories from fat You take five of these strolls.

That’s typically 71 calories each day. A day In the event that you burn or lower out 100 calories from fat, you can lose about 10 pounds in a calendar year. Also, most of the power you expend during a 15 – 20 minute walk should come from the glycogen already stored in the muscles, and which will be replaced as soon as possible by your body.